Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Ean!

                         Happy Birthdy, Ean! Mummy wish you good health and be good.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ean at 9th Month.

My Baby Ean now has 8 teeth! How fast he has grown! 10.3kg now but has been coughing for the past few mths. Get well soon my Son.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Brother-in-law's Birthday, 0505.

Celebrated my BIL's birthday on the 5th May at MBS. MIL had booked a room for my BIL and his family for a night. And we were all invited. Of course the kids were happy as they love hotels. It was also for the kids to hang out while we, adults went for a nice dinner at Waku Ghin, AGAIN! Will write about that next post.

Happy Birthday, Gerald!

View from the room

Spacious room

Cheeky Ethan

Ean happily crawling around

Strike a pose

Enjoying dinner with the view

Birthday cupcakes for the birthday boy.

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pop Tots Shop BP #5 is now on!

Dear All,

Pop Tot Shop has started another round of bulk purchase.
Do visit us at for new items.


Monday, 14 May 2012

Rest In Peace, Grandma.

You left us on Saturday morning, so sudden that I was abit lost for a while when I heard the news. Heard you passed away peacefully in your sleep which at least is good that you did not suffer any pain.
Although we were not very close to you, I know you do care for us all the time. Always calling to check on us to see how are we doing.

Thank you for caring for us. We will take good care of ourselves. You don't have to worry now.
Rest in peace, Ah Ma.


Ever since HFMD has become a well know 'celebrity', I have been praying that it will never visit my 2 sons. But that day has come, and it came in such a secretive way.  
First it visited 1 of my 2 nieces, Zara (7yr old) who was only sick with fever for 2 days and that was it. A few days later, the elder sister, Senna (9yrs old) was down with fever too and had rashes over her body. The doc diagnosed it as hives which she had it previously. So we did not think too much of it. But it only when she told us, 2 days later, that she had these little red dots on her fingertips and feet in the middle of dinner, that make all of us panicked a bit. It was also the same day that Ethan had high fever for a day.  We finished our dinner quickly and went back home while the girls went to see the doctor..

The doctor confirmed Senna had HFMD and virus was a mild one. So she should be well in about 3 -5 days. While Zara actually had HFMD too but she was almost recovered as she only had a small blister on her foot which is also drying up, lucky for her.  So the girls have to be grounded at home for the next few days before they can go to school. The girls were separated from Ethan for the next 2 days as Ethan has not shown any other signs of HFMD. It was hard as he wanted to go play with them since they were at home. He could not understand why he can’t play with them so he ends up throwing tantrums. We had to distract him with other activities so that he can forget about playing with them.
2 Days later, a few red dots began to appear on Ethan’s fingertips.  We knew then he was not spared and so we brought him to the doc. Ethan had 2 ulcers in his mouth too. We were told that the virus he had was a mild one so he will probably heal within 3-5 days. If he had more ulcers popping up, he will have to be on liquid diet and no heaty stuff for him. And we all have to wash our hand regularly.
The only good news for him was that he can play with his 2 cousins again. Lucky for him, he did not have any more ulcers other than the one he had and he only had a few blisters on his fingers. Especially on the thumb which he loves to suck, and it became an open wound for him which did not even deterred him from sucking it. He was still as active as ever and you would never have notice that he was sick.
His favourite thumb.

And finally today, the doctor certified him fit and cleared from HFMD.

Friday, 11 May 2012

New Bag Reveal: The Mission Impossible 4 bag.

After watching Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, I knew there was one thing I really had to get.
It the Prada bag that the female spy was carrying in the show. It looks great! I had to get my hands on one.

So finally after finding out the model of the bag, I found one in a local boutique. It the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote, BN2274. And decided on this color.

Totally love how versatile the bag can be. Sling on the shoulder or crossbody for the casual look or carry on the arm for the elegant look.  Currently my everyday bag!