Friday, 16 March 2012


Brought Ethan to watch Lorax to cheer him up as he was recovering from his illness. He only manage to watch half of the show before he went into lala land...must be the medicine that knocked him out.
Anyway the show was entertaining, colorful and funny too. But I'm really not sure why it was No.1 on the US box office. Maybe I'm not a Dr Seuss fan that why?


  1. I brought my son to watch Lorax, he is 5, he did not really enjoy the show cos I think he is not a Dr Seuss fan either. I felt that the show was fun and entertaining, but somehow lacks a certain oomph, cant quite put my finger on whats wrong with it.

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    Rachel -

  2. Ya agree lack certain oomph.

    Thanks for the invite. Will join in.